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TEXTE. Preis für junge Literatur

Cornelius Obonya held a reading of texts by young authors at Klimtvilla in Hietzing.

TEXTE. Preis für junge Literatur

For Thomas Bernhard's 90th birthday

Cornelius Obonya read this small birthday greeting for the Salzkammergut Festival in Gmunden.

365 - Über Medien Reden

Cornelius Obonyawas invited by VsUM - the association for the promotion of self-determined handling of the media to take part in these discussions.

Meet your star!

Cornelius Obonya can also be found on meet your star!

100 years Salzburg festival/100 years Jedermann

On this feast day, Cornelius Obonya gave an interview in the documentation
The dreams of the magician by Hannes Schalle, production moonlake entertainment.


Romy 2020

It didn't work this year. I still thank all fans who voted for me!

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